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Pirie Tasmania

The Tamar Valley's Sparkling Secret

Founded by a viticulturist who took a chance on the uncharted sparkling territory of our island, Pirie embodies all that world-class, cool-climate Tasmanian wine has to offer.

One of Australia’s most awarded non-vintage sparkling wine, Pirie is the ‘brother brand’ of Tamar Ridge bearing somewhat of an elusive story: our vintages are few and far between, with our commitment to quality ensuring only the best sparkling wine is produced. But producing Pirie is an art in itself; there’s meticulous planning and patience required, and even then it takes crossed fingers in the hope of the ideal conditions. With a little luck, we hand-pick the grapes, produce a select number of bottles and then store them away for at least two years.

Along the cool-climate slopes of Tasmania’s Tamar Valley, some of the world’s finest sparkling wines are made.

Made in the traditional method using premium Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes from our Tamar Valley vineyard, Northern Tasmania is now widely recognised for the quality of sparkling wine produced in the true cool-climate of 41-42 degrees south.

Bubbles don't grow on trees. But hand-selected cool-climate grapes grow on vines. And it’s these handpicked, Tasmanian Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes that give Pirie its sparkle. Our vintages are few and far between, with the complete range celebrating only the very best in Tasmanian sparkling.


Foundation Years

The first release of Pirie sparkling was made in 1995, produced under the Piper's Brook sparkling label founded by Dr Andrew Pirie.

The Pirie Tasmania brand was subsequently established by Dr Pirie in 1999.


Brown Family purchases Tamar Ridge, Pirie Tasmania & Devil's Corner

Brown Brothers purchased Tamar Ridge, along with Pirie Tasmania and the East Coast's Devil's Corner Winery in 2010, looking to Tasmania in their pursuit of cleared and cooler climate vineyards in response to global warming.

“Tasmania and quality are intrinsically linked,” says Senior Winemaker, Tom Wallace. “Our cool climate retains fantastic acidity which is the backbone of world-class sparkling and has seen Tasmania recognized by many as one the great regions of the world for sparkling, but it is also the core ingredient in great pinot noir and chardonnay.”

2014 - present

Trophy Success

Since 2014, Pirie Tasmania has been successful in taking out the Tasmanian Wine Show Trophy for either its NV or Vintage release.


Pirie Vintage wins Double Gold

Pirie Vintage 2018 won Double Gold at the 2022 Global Fine Wine Challenge, asserting our commitment to making these world-class Tasmanian wines a global benchmark.


Pirie Late Disgorged named Best Wine in the World

Pirie Late Disgorged 2011 was honoured with both ‘Wine of Show’ and ‘Best Sparkling Wine’ titles at the world’s most prestigious wine event. Exclusive to New World nations, the Global Fine Wine Challenge is the world's top wine award, with participation by invitation only.


Trophies & Top Gold

Pirie Late Disgorged 2011 claimed not one but two prestigious trophies at the 2024 Tasmanian Wine Show: Best Late Disgorged Older Vintage Sparkling and the Chair of Judges Selection. Additionally, NV Pirie Sparkling was awarded the Trophy for Best Non-Vintage Sparkling.